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The licensees are responsible for such things as, import, sales and marketing in certain regions. Eternal Plant Boijl B.V. does not supply products directly to the consumer.

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Our Hellebore is
one of the finest plants you will find

Our product range


Feather Falls


Feather Falls







‘Feather Falls’ is a highly decorative Carex with outstanding garden and pot performance. The long clean and crisp foliage will reward you with a year round maintenance free plant. A highlight of this new variety is its beautiful plumes of feathery flower stems that emerge from the centre of the fresh new variegated foliage during the spring months.

  • Full sun
  • Part shade
  • Containers
  • Height 30
  • Spread 50

The Eternal Plant way

Crop breeding is the art and science of improving existing crops. Eternal Plant Boijl B.V. is committed to developing new varieties that are grown without growth regulators and have less need for crop protection products.

In this way, Eternal Plant Boijl wants to contribute to a sustainable society.

Obviously, the performance of the plant is also of paramount importance. Compactness of the plant, rich flowering, short crop time, new colors and shapes are very important.

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